Playing Casino War on a Mac

Read our guide on Casino War including how to play, the house edge and the top Mac online casinos that feature War.  War is probably one of the first card games that you learned.  The casino version isn't much different.  The game is easy to play and has a relatively small house edge for a table game. There is many online casinos that have this game, but unfortunately only a few that feature it in their Mac compatible versions.

Playing Red Dog Online

Casino War Online.

Casino War Facts

Skill Level Needed: Nil
Aces: high
Type of game: Playing cards
House Edge: 2.3 - 2.8% depending on house rules (see below)
What to look for: Try to find a casino that offers a 2:1 bonus if you tie the dealer's card after a war.
Mac Casinos with Casino War: U.S. Mac Casino

Object of Casino War

To beat the dealer by having a higher card than the dealer.

A how to guide on playing Casino War

1. Player places a bet on the table.
2. Cards are dealt to the player and the dealer.
3. Player wins if his card is higher than the dealer's and loses if the dealer's card is higher.  If the result is a tie, you have the option of going to war.
4. The player must make a choice of surrendering his hand or going to war.  If you surrender your hand you will lose half your bet, if you decide to go to war you must place an additional bet equal to your initial bet.
5. The dealer burns three cards each and then deals out a card to the player and to himself.
6. Player wins if his card is higher than the dealer's and loses if the dealer's card is higher.  Winnings are only paid out for the additional bet, your initial bet is treated as a push.  If the result is a tie, depending on the casino you are playing at, you may be entitled to a bonus. Some casinos offer a 2:1 bonus on your additional bet for tying the dealer after a war.


There isn't much strategy for this game.  The only noteworthy points are, players should never surrender and always go to War with the dealer.  Casino War players should look for a casino that offers a bonus for tying the dealer after a war.  The best place to test out your Casino War strategy online is, the Bovada Casino.  Right now, you can claim your 100% deposit bonus up to $250 at the Bovada Casino.